I started my photography career in India. My choice was largely due to the fact that I wanted to stand out in a sea of doctors and engineers. Fate took me to Paris, where I worked as freelance photographer for five years. The "City of Love" opened my eyes to all things fashion and art.

Having ditched french espresso for venti lattes at Starbucks, I now live and work in Chicago. For the past 10 years, I've shot fashion and catalogs for clients in New York, LA and many amazing cities in between. 

My mind is a tireless runner. It is constantly taking snap shots of things that inspire me – streets, nature, movies, color. The inspirations influence my work in unexpected ways. This creative process is what makes each shoot exciting. When the model is on set and I look through the view finder, the creative wheels start spinning. It's a different world from that point on.

Photography never feels like "work," and over the years my clients have become my collaborators and friends.